Woolacombe Sunset.

This is a shot from last week on the North Devon coastline at Woolacombe. This place is absolutely stunning and I couldn’t recommend it enough for year round low tide sunset shots. This was a 5 minute exposure in driving rain and heavy wind, it was a real mission holding the umbrella as still as possible for the full 5 mins and keep the umbrella out of the frame when shooting so wide! I’m seriously glad the first exposure was good as I don’t think I could have done it again! Thankfully I only ended up with one rain spot to delete, quite an achievement when the rain is coming directly towards me!

It’ll be nice when the kids are older and my beautiful wife can come and hold the brollie for me! 🙂

Woolacombe twilight


~ by Antony Spencer on July 11, 2009.

6 Responses to “Woolacombe Sunset.”

  1. Hi mate! I love this shot – even though I normally don’t go for the moving cloud shot, I think this one works really well. The movement is more circular than normal and looks fantastic! Awesome colours too, the purple in the sky is great in contrast to the aqua in the water pool.

  2. Cheers Andy, Really happy with this image, not the ideal settings to make images like this! Gonna have to search out your blog now!

  3. Gorgeous shot – love those gentle colours & cloud movement. Thanks for the link (I’ve linked you to mine too)!! Have a great week, Mia

  4. very nice start to the blog mate, keep this stuff churnin’

  5. Handsome. Really like the relationship between the shape of tide pool and the cloud.

  6. Hi Anthony,
    Just linked to your blog from Kirk Hille and saw this shot of Woolacombe…fantastic. I’m based in Perth but funnily enough I put a shot of Woolacombe on my blog just a few days ago.
    Great images.

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