For anybody who is interested, I am running a competition to see which images are most popular. Select the your favourite picture from my site here and enter the image name as a comment on this blog post for a chance to win a 3ft canvas of your chosen photograph.

The winner will be announced on this blog on monday 3rd August.

Good luck!


~ by Antony Spencer on July 16, 2009.

30 Responses to “Competetion!”

  1. Nice idea Tony. There are quite a few on there that I could have chosen as my favourite, but ‘Dorset Woodland Sunrise’ kept catching my eye, so gets my vote.


  2. Tricky one when you have so many good shots, but I’d say…

    Cheers mate

  3. Very difficult to chose just one, so I’ll pick one of my favourites: Durdle Door Wave


  4. There are so many great photos on here, but I really like image 2 – Dorset woodland sunrise.


  5. Yep, there are way too many stunners. But I’m going to go for “West Bay Harbour Structures”



  6. Nice work Tone, highly impressive. I’d go with Lakeside Mist – there’s something about it I can’t quite put my finger on.


  7. Cranborne Chase Barn ii – These are all geat.

  8. They are all quite amazing, but I choose the photo of West Bay Harbour. Any of them would look lovely on my walls though next to your dad’s!

  9. Very hard to pick just one, but I’m going for “Somerset Levels, Mist”.

  10. Couldn’t chose from such a stunning exhibition – then I noticed the Daliesque face and hand in the water and rocks in “Burton Bradstock Cliffs” – conscious/unconscious? – who cares – it works

  11. For me it had to be the sussex poppies.


  12. Far too many to choose from an outstanding portfolio (enough creeping?) but as a canvas i think Portland Moonrise would look stunning

  13. Your work is fantastic Anthony, glad I discovered it on Flickr. I have to chose Portland Moonrise due to the lighting and knowledge that went into the exposure. Ken Vensel

  14. They’re all brilliant but my favourite is
    Woolacombe Sunset.

  15. They are all fantastic, but my favourite is Beach Huts at Hengitsbury Head. Just love it!

  16. Oh, oops I posted my choice on the wrong feed! ‘Portland Moonrise’ all the way!

  17. Thanks very much for all the kind words! I have to say there are a lot of overseas entries on here… kinda hoping I don’t pull an Aussie or American out of the hat with free postage on offer!!! 🙂

  18. So hard to choose one, but I think I’d go with Peveril Point sunrise. I just love the colors and the isolated feeling I get from looking at it. 🙂

  19. There are a few that I really like but “Micheldever Mist ii” has to be my personal favourite…
    Close second is Durdle Door sunrise….
    But for me as I don’t live near Durdel Door it doesn’t really have much emotional significance for me… (Even thought it’s a cracking graphical image)

    Good luck with the competition, great idea Tony…

  20. Hmm, difficult.

    I would choose ‘Copy of Organic ii’ and a ‘Tree in snow’ as number two.
    I think I chose these because the landscapes are unknown. They are probably the only pictures of them.

  21. I’d have to go for ‘Portland Sunrise Panoramic’ (followed by Portland Moonrise) as a different view of Portland, an excellent capture.
    A great portfolio

  22. There are two in particular that I really like, but my favourite has to be: Dorest Woodland Sunset.


  23. Fantastic gallery! Wonderful work with many favorites, but I will have to go with:
    Durdle Door Sunrise

  24. Wonderful set of images Tony, and the new website looks great.
    Hard to chose a favorite but on a three foot canvas I’d have to say Micheldever Mist II. I think the graphic feel and wonderful light would look great on canvas.

  25. Hi Tony, So hard to choose but, i’m going to go for ‘Durdle Door Sunrise’. Aswell as being technically superb, it was the first time i’d seen a sunrise view of ‘The Door’ as compared to the more traditional sunset. I’ve seen a few attempts since but, none come close to this !

  26. Thanks all for entering, some great feedback and I now have a better idea of what kind of images people are more likely to buy and what to try and shoot more of in the future.

    Just put all the names into a hat and the name I drew out was James Wardil so congrats mate! If you could give me a call mate or email me through my site I’ll get the canvas to you as soon as possible.

    Thanks again for entering,


  27. – that’s my choice 🙂 .

  28. Your work is absolutely amazing, but my favourite photo of yours is this one:

  29. Love your work.

    Portland sunrise panoramic

  30. Not an easy choice by any means but for me Micheldever Mist ii has a wondrous quality about it that is difficult to express in words. The colour of the bluebells, the translucent feel of the light and the bold definition of the trees combine to make a stunningly evocative image. Superb Anthony!

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