North Devon Coast

sunset_starfish_shopMorthoe_sunset I have been heading further afield over the last few months as the sun sets too far round on the Dorset coast. The north Devon coastline is as good as anywhere in the U.K, its an absolute mission to get to and maybe thats why it seems to be relatively un-photographed compared to much of the British coastline. I’ve made many trips over the last few months and here are my two favourites so far…

Both can be viewed much larger on my site. Love to know what you think?

~ by Antony Spencer on August 28, 2009.

8 Responses to “North Devon Coast”

  1. Your pictures are an inspiration, my friend. Keep it up!

  2. You have some really nice images images on your blog mate. It’s nice to see some cool images of blighty on a wordpress blog. I’m originally from Somerset, Photo’s from Devon are close enough.

    Keep posting!

  3. Stunning work Antony ,
    Love the top image with the starfish .
    Ill keep an eye on your blog as well , have added you to my Blog role .

  4. Thanks very much guys,

    Kirk, cheers mate, I will add you on mine also! 🙂

  5. I was beginning to wonder if you’d gone MIA, I’ve added you to mine an’ all!

  6. Thanks Matt, I live in Dorset but was born in Yeovil, what part of Somerset are you from?
    I’m sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been really slack with this blogging lark…
    I’ll add your blog the next time I’m in the dashboard mate…

  7. I was born in Taunton and brought up in Bridgwater, very close to the Railway Station. Moved to Africa in 76 and Australia in 79. I remember Yeovil there was an air show in 75, the Red Arrows and the Harrier!

  8. love your work mate, beautiful!

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