Arctic Norway

I’ve not long been back from an incredible week in Arctic Norway. Wind temperatures down to -50 and stupendously heavy snow storms didn’t spoil the party, I have to say that its nice not having frozen nostrils and not feeling like my face is going to fall off anymore! I’m so in love with Zeiss lenses after this trip. Fantastic in low light and when combined with the 5dmkii at high iso’s during the 18 hours of darkness it was the perfect combination. An incredible display of Aurora Borealis on the last night was the finishing touch and I really enjoyed every minute of the trip. Seriously cant wait to et back later in the year! Its looking very likely that I’ll be running some photographic tours out there later in the year so if anyone would like to be kept informed just let me know…

Here are a few images from the trip and I’ll try and keep up with this blog a little better and get some more posts up!

~ by Antony Spencer on February 24, 2010.

11 Responses to “Arctic Norway”

  1. Hey,
    I am not sure how I came across your site, but glad I did !! Its probably a bit far to come from OZ for a photo tour to Norway, but I might be able to swing it… keep us posted….. Love the shots by the way… Ill add you to my blog list as well

  2. Some pretty cool light you got happening there Antony! nice work.. sorry i wont be able to make it to norway but good luck 🙂

  3. Wow. These shots are magic. Well done Antony

  4. Awesome stuff Anthony. Will be keeping an eye on your blog, fantastic images. cheers

  5. Hey Andrew, thanks very much mate, just checked your site and you have some fantastic images!

  6. Hi Christian, thanks very much for your comment, really means a lot! I’m a big fan of your work and your galleries just blew me away when I was over in W.A. I need to keep up a little better with this blog and get some new stuff appearing!

    Thanks again and keep up the fantastic work,


  7. wow with stuff like yours mate you should have a gallery of your own.

  8. Cheers Christian, actually just opened a little gallery on the coast near me. Things are a little slow at the moment due to the economic market, just hope it picks up for summer!

  9. Hey Tony, I would be seriously interested in an Arctic Norway photo trip. I have been up there many times and seen the Aurora but have been frustrated with my attempts at photographing it. Please keep me posted when a trip is planned. Cheers, Rob

  10. Love the photograph mate great stuff!

  11. Wow your pictures are amazing the northenrn lights are incredible.

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