Christmas in Western Australia

Just got home from a fantastic month in Western Australia with the family. It was amazing to have 38 degree temperature whilst eating Xmas dinner! I managed to head back to Esperance after 10 yrs away and it was still every bit as epic as I had remembered. I have to thank Christian Fletcher, Neal pritchard and Flemming Bo Jensen for being amazing company on a our trip south. I was just gobsmacked at every location we stopped at, its the most amazing beaches I have ever seen and we got some fantastic light. This first image I also have Dan paris to thank, he took us all out to an incredible spot in some amazing sand dunes nr Esperance. Dan was a lovely guy and I’m really grateful he spent the time coming out with us and showing us one of his most spectacular locations.

The company was awesome, the locations were awesome and this was one of the best things I have done for a bloody long time. I have to thank Christian for this viewpoint as he found this particular spot and spent some time one evening showing me some amazing photoshop wizardry! I didnt realise how little I know about photoshop but hopefully thats all about to change! I’m completely inspired again and cant wait to get to Norway in a few days time, the first of 5 trips in the new year!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and happy new year to you all,


~ by Antony Spencer on January 12, 2011.

9 Responses to “Christmas in Western Australia”

  1. The composition and exposure are pure perfection!
    I love your work, Antony. You’re one of my biggets inspirations.

  2. Thanks Jinna! You have some beautiful images yourself! I’m very jealous of your Oregon and Washington trip coming up!!!! I have to get back there soon!

  3. Nice shot, & welcome home.
    Have a good time in Norway, I hope the AB is performing when you get there.

  4. Hey Tony !

    Brilliant image mate, that is a great sand dune shot and being your first sand dune image you definitely scored a good one. I feel perhaps the sky ended up a little too dark and too blue at the top, my only little nitpick 🙂

    What a fantastic trip we had (well, apart from Tuesday, damn stomach) and was such a pleasure to meet, travel and shoot with you. Also good to balance out the Aussies with two Europeans 😉 Have a look at my blog when you get a chance, there’s a post from our trip. Look forward to meeting up again, must do those Northern Lights!

  5. Thanks Dave, yes I am hoping to get a decent Aurora display again! Can’t wait to freeze myself stupid again! 🙂

  6. Flemming,

    Cheers mate, I am so pleased with this one, really loved these dunes! Have to get to Namibia after seeing your images though!

    It really was the best locations and the best company ever! I seriously enjoyed every minute, even sleeping in the car! Its a shame I missed the tent packing though! 🙂

    Cant wait to meet up again and yes lets get a Norway trip together in the near future!

    All the best mate

  7. Love it mate and a good preview for my one if I ever get around to working it up. I have to focus stack mine so some extra work to do. I found this scene as I was the first one there. I’m sure you guys would have found this pretty easily on your own.

    Good to see a new blog post too. :-0)

    Enjoy Norway you lucky bastard.

    p.s. the Phase is your destiny, don’t fight it!!

  8. My destiny would probably to go bankrupt if I bought the Phase! 🙂 I will get one in a few years when you will be shooting with a 200mp Phase!

    Cant wait to see how yours and Neal’s turn out!

    I’ll definitely enjoy Norway, Cant wait now!

  9. Sweet sweet capture Tone …. Love the lines and colors … Very nicely done … Mind you I did see you working it up on the last night so its not completely new to me …

    Had a blast in as well those 3/4 days where pretty damn cool I must saw … Would love to do it again one day … Maybe somewhere real freakin cold … I have a couple up on my blog from the trip as well as will have quite a few more in the coming weeks … We shot so much it is going to take time to get through them all …

    Cheers for a great time … cya in the Northern Hemisphere sometime this year …

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