Landscape Photographer of The year…

I’m amazed to announce that this image has won the Take a view landscape photographer of the year competition. I didn’t expect anything like this when I entered, things are crazy now! Thanks for all the emails and comments of support, its all massively appreciated.

This winter is going to be mad, I have a trip to Iceland next week, Western Australia for Christmas and then 3 more Norway trips in the new year. All massively exciting! I will try and keep up with this blog a little better and post a few images as I travel around. I’m looking forward to some sunshine in a few weeks and exploring the coast around Esperance again, but not jumping from 40 above to minus 25 degrees with only a few U.K days to semi adjust!

Thanks again guys


~ by Antony Spencer on November 12, 2010.

26 Responses to “Landscape Photographer of The year…”

  1. It deserved to win! Its a cracking shot of Corfe Castle – one of the best I have seen! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks Sean!

  3. saw this on the bbc website so came to look at the rest of your work. Doesn’t look like a surprise to me – your body of work is cohesively beautiful!

  4. Massive congratulations! Is the prizze money going on a new body / lense?

  5. Congratulations! Lovely image. I did enter the competition with a lighthouse photo but no luck this year.

  6. Congratulations, yours is the first mailing list that I have acually knowingly signed up for!
    I thought the same as Goblinf when I saw the photograph: “not at all surprising that it won!”
    Fulfills all the criteria of the perfect landscape.

  7. Excellent images! I have read and article on you on today’s TIME. Congratulation!


  8. Thanks very much for the comments, you are all very kind!

    Chris, I had nothing the first time round, you have to try again!:-)

  9. Antony you absolutely deserved to win this award, but any number of your images could have walked off with the prize such is the depth of quality in your portfolio. I first became aware of your work when looking around the internet I noticed such a high proportion of stunning images kept having your name on them! Congratulations, and to say it again, richly deserved.

  10. Just seen the Amateur Photographer piece, what a great overall collection of photos, very well done

  11. Dear Antony,
    Apologies for posting on your blog but it was the only way I could contact you. The contact page on your website didn’t seem to work. I am enquiring about your half-day tuition courses on behalf of my husband (a Christmas present for him). He is a most enthusiastic amateur photographer. He was reading about you in a recent photography magazine and coincidently, I believe, he bumped into your father last night at Durdle Door where Alistair, my husband, was trying to capture a sunset shot. The ray of light he was hoping for eluded him though.

    Are your half-day courses still running? I have no specific date in mind.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely

  12. What an inspirational photograph. Congratulations on your award, richly deserved!

  13. Thanks for the comments everyone, really appreciated.

    Jenny, I have sent you an email, thanks for the contact!

  14. Many congratulations – an inspiring capture (as are most of your work) with an equally inspiring read in today’s Sunday Times! Fantastic and thanks – I look forward to meeting you. -Glenn

  15. Well deserved! Cracking shot!

  16. BTW….If you’re coming to Perth and you get chance, drop us a line. Beer on me!

  17. […] Landscape Photographer of the Year and I wasn’t the least surprised. Antony’s image of Corfe Castle is a fine example of subtly of light and great structure of composition. He also has great […]

  18. Well done mate and a beautiful image. Hope to see you in WA when your down.

  19. Thanks very much guys!

    I’d love to meet a few of you in W.A so will send a few emails and try and get something sorted! Cant wait for some sunshine! 🙂

  20. The quality of your work is outstanding. To create such images requires a lot of early starts and is rarely if ever easy.

  21. Hello, I would love to show this wonderful photo of Corfe Castle on our website. Our hotel is located in Corfe Castle. We would of course make sure you are accredited. Look forward to hearing from you. Best regards. Beverly Clayton

  22. Congrats Mate , actually just say this image today in the coffee table book at the book store . Nice work

  23. Thanks very much for the comments!

    cheers Kirk, you guys have the book out there in W.A?

  24. Superb image and a very worthy image. I’ll have to keep my eye out for this one in print.



  25. Hi Richie, thanks for the comment, you have some lovely images yourself!

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