Twilight Beach, Esperance

After a marathon seven hour journey from Perth to Esperance I arrived to find the same cloudless sky I had been witnessing for the past two weeks. The beaches and water look amazing under a blue sky due to the pristine white sand beaches and turquoise seas but it wasn’t the conditions I was after. I ended up shooting a very harsh cloudless sunset and headed straight to bed hoping that the sunrise was going to be something special the next morning.
My alarm went off at 3.45 the following morning and I peered out through the window to see blood red clouds. Alarm bells are instantly ringing, its an hour before sunrise and the clouds are just amazing, I’ve never seen clouds reflecting so much colour in an almost black night sky.
I drove as fast as I could down to Twilight Beach, a place I spent many afternoons trying to surf and fishing many years ago, the twilight sky now more vibrant than anything i had seen for a very long time. This was one of the first exposures I made on this particular morning, I just loved the ripples in the sand and the way the light was reflecting across them. I also made some images using just the ripples as the light started to become more golden a little later on. This is the kind of light I dream about and I normally only get to witness colours like this from the window at home after deciding not to venture down to the coast or from equally annoying places like the supermarket car park!
Canon 1dsmkiii Zeiss 21 distagon 8 secs @ f8 iso 200 Lee 0.6 hard grad


~ by Antony Spencer on January 13, 2011.

13 Responses to “Twilight Beach, Esperance”

  1. I’ve never seen a sky like that. The texture and reflections in the sand are really nice!

  2. Thanks Jinna, it was amazing to witness this light in this location! I want to go back already!!

  3. Quite amazing sunrise clouds, they look much more like sunset clouds with that strong dusk colour glow. Great image mate, when you learn Photoshop you will be unstopable. Heck you don’t even need Photoshop!

    I might crop just a bit of top and bottom to heighten visual tension by having the clouds escape the frame a bit more, but it works well as it is

    Of course, once I, the anti-sunrise shooter, got to Esperance, all the sunrises went to shit 🙂 I bring the magic light, just not in the morning

  4. Cheers Flemming,

    The light was incredible, I did think about a slight crop on this one and think you are probably right, it would work well.

    I’m pleased you weren’t down here then to ruin the light! This was the best sunrise I have seen for years! 🙂

    How’s Cambodia going buddy?

  5. Quite a sunrise Tone …. Shame I missed it by a few hours … Must of ben a mad rush to get to the location when you woke from the car LOL … But you have captured a stunning light show …

  6. Ripper shot mate those reds are mint!

  7. Cheers Neal, yes it would have been awesome if you had been down for this light! This was the only night I wasn’t sleeping in the car, mind you the caravan was worse than the car!

    Cheers Dylan!

  8. yep remember this from the weekend, totally gorgeous sky. I have a pic of you on my blog right now mate. It is proof that you have now been to some REAL sand dunes!

  9. Amazing image Antony. The 50/50 comp works great in this situation.

  10. Thanks Christian! I’ll have a look on your blog now!

  11. Thanks Luke, I must admit I don’t really pay much attention to the “rules” I just do whatever feels right when looking through the camera. Its just a shame that we don’t get to see light like this more often!

  12. This is quite stunning. I love how the clouds on the left mirror the ripples in the sand and how the clouds (both in the sky and reflected) frame the headland.

    It’s funny, I just commented on another photographer’s blog that I felt great composition is innate and not a learnt skill and I believe your statement of not paying attention to the rules and doing what feels right really backs that up.

    • Totally agree, Steph. I suppose it could be learnt or one could apply certain rules but, well, I guess its a lot easier with natural ability! I know I wouldn’t like my photography to feel I was doing some methodical DIY chore type of thing

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